The first of four consecutive Friday “Night Terrors” for 2019 is in the books, and was frighteningly successful.

Horror movie festival organizer Eddie Levesque says about 170 people watched “Alien” and played 70s horror movie trivia.

“This Friday we’re playing ‘Fright Night’,” he tells My Timmins Now Dot Com. “It’s a vampire 80s classic and again we’re doing trivia.  This time it’s going to be 80s horror movie trivia.”

Don’t worry about tickets.

“They’re still available,” Levesque reports  “We still have quite a few left over at Alfie’s and Cinema Six.  Still again just five bucks for the movie. Everything is free: the games, the door prize, everything else we do is all free, included with your five-dollar ticket.”

The movie rolls at midnight Friday, if you dare.