More details provided on what’s believed to be the first confirmed vaping-related illness in Canada

Health officials in London, Ontario say a high-school student was on life support after vaping but has since recovered.

They say the youth was in the intensive care unit with a severe pulmonary illness which is believed to be the first confirmed vaping-related illness in Canada. U.S. officials have confirmed at least six deaths and 380 cases.

Unifor and the United Steelworkers top list of campaign advertisers

Unifor and the United Steelworkers are at the top of the list of third-party advertisers spending big on the federal election campaign.

Unifor has spent more than $1.2-million since June 30th, mostly on national TV campaigns that advocate against the Conservatives. The United Steelworkers has spent about 736-thousand-dollars on a mix of TV and radio campaigns in support of the NDP.

New poll finds party support remains consistent early in election campaign

There was no wild swing in party support in the first week of the federal election campaign.

A Leger poll conducted for The Canadian Press shows support for the Liberals held steady at 34 per cent while Conservative support fell two points to 33 per cent. The NDP and Greens held steady at 12 and 11 per cent while the People’s Party of Canada gained one point to four per cent support.