Senior RCMP intelligence official faces charges of breaching Canada’s secrets law

A senior RCMP intelligence official has made a brief court appearance on charges of breaching Canada’s secrets law.

Cameron Jay Ortis was charged under three sections of the Security of Information Act as well as two Criminal Code provisions for allegedly trying to disclose classified information. The prosecution says it won’t comment.

Party leaders continue down the campaign trail towards federal election

The federal Conservatives are promising to bring back a Harper tax credit that was killed by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

He says he’ll bring back a transit tax credit after the Liberal government cut it in the 2017 budget, calling it ineffective. Trudeau is in Quebec, the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh is touring around Greater Toronto and Elizabeth May is close to home in British Columbia.

Fashion officials sounding the alarm about a possible no-deal Brexit

British fashion officials are sounding the alarm about a possible no-deal Brexit.

As London Fashion Week begins, Stephanie Phair, chair of the British Fashion Council, says leaving the EU could cost the fashion industry one billion dollars U.S.