Florida and the Bahamas bracing for hurricane Dorian

A state of emergency is on in Florida, and long lines are forming at gas stations and grocery stores in the Bahamas, as hurricane Dorian approaches.

The Category 2 storm is expected to strengthen as it approaches the northwestern Bahamas Saturday. It’s also expected to move over or near that region on Sunday, then slam into the U.S. on Tuesday when it could be a devastating Category 4 hurricane.

U.S. government set to begin collecting tariffs on Chinese imports

American President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is about to become reality for American consumers.

Beginning Sunday, the U.S. government will begin collecting 15 per cent tariffs on $112-billion in Chinese imports. The tariffs will apply to items ranging from smartwatches and TVs to shoes, diapers, sporting goods and meat and dairy products.

Airbus drops out of competition to deliver Canadian fighter jets

European aerospace giant Airbus has withdrawn from the high-stakes competition to deliver Canadian fighter jets.

Airbus Defence and Space, in partnership with the British government, was one of four companies expected to bid on the $19-billion contract. Companies left in the running include Lockheed Martin’s F-35 and Boeing’s Super Hornet.

New report finds second quarter of 2019 was Canada’s strongest in two years

A new report says the second quarter of 2019 was Canada’s strongest in two years.

Statistics Canada says the economy grew by an annual pace of 3.7 per cent in the second quarter, far outpacing expectations.