Anyone involved in any aspect of agriculture knows what it means to “make hay while the sun shines”.  That extends to the Mountjoy Farmers Market, which this Saturday is sharing space with the kayak festival.

Not only is it extending its hours until 5:00pm from the usual 9:00am to 1:00pm market, chairman Garnet Wilcox says because of parking issues, he’s asking customers to take advantage of the kayak festival’s free shuttle bus service.

“So it’s basically every half hour,” he says.  “Somebody could park at say the Canadian Tire parking lot and take the shuttle over to the farmers market and check out the kayak festival at the same time.”

Wilcox has posted the shuttle schedule on the market’s Facebook page and points out that it’s also on the kayak festival’s website.

He’s expecting more local produce to be for sale, such as potatoes and carrots, at the market.

“We also are bringing in a new vendor that makes handmade soaps, and one of everybody’s favourite vendors – our donut vendor —  is returning.  He’s been off a couple of Saturdays going to different festivals in the area.  He’ll be returning as well.”