This week’s theme of the 50s and 60s brought classic car enthusiasts to the Downtown Timmins Urban Park today.  They’re members of the East End Rebels.

Pat Nowak brought his white beauty.

“It’s a 1964 Mercury Cyclone, one of about 75-hundred that were made,” he proudly explains.  “I’ve owned it for five years and I’ve done some modifications to it, but more or less, the appearance of the car is stock.”

Nowak will draw a map in your mind, as he tells you of the route his car took on its 50-year ride from being built in Tennessee to coming into his possession.

Their grandfathers’ or great-grandfathers’ cars, perhaps? Two youngsters check out classic cars at the Downtown Timmins Urban Park.
(Bob McIntyre, staff)

Classic cars are fun to look at, but you have to wonder what the attraction is to their owners.

“Camaraderie,” says Nowak, without missing a beat.  “Along with it, there’s the fun of driving them to various meets.  It’s a lot of fun taking these things on the road, and they’re fun to work on.  Most of the guys here, they do their own mechanical work.  There’s satisfaction in driving your car that you’ve worked on.”

And there’s the attraction of talking about cars.

“There’s lots to talk about when you’re talking cars, yeah.”

You’ll often see the Rebels and their rides at Narduzzi’s and Siva’s restaurants.  They’ll be at St. Mary’s Gardens tomorrow.