Terrain teens accused in B.C. murders entering described as bug-infested

Police believe they are getting close to finding the two teens suspected of killing three people in B.C. The search has now extended to the harsh wilderness around the town of Gillam Manitoba. The terrain is described as full of bugs and swamps, making it near impossible to escape. There have been two confirmed sightings of 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky and 19-year-old Kam McLeod in Gillam over the past week.

Supreme Court upholds turning civilian offences into military ones for members

Canadian military members charged with serious crimes still won’t have the right to a civilian jury. That was the decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Canada. It passed five votes to two that turning serious civilian offences into military ones will remain constitutional. The military court of appeal argued that members should have the right to trials by jury.

Canadians in an “ugly mood” when thinking about federal government

Canadians aren’t happy with the federal government, in fact, they are angry. A Nanos Research study showed 30 percent felt pessimistic about the Liberals, which was the most common feeling. Next was anger at just over one-fifth of participants. A Nanos official says people are in an “ugly mood” when thinking about the government.