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Timmins doesn’t have the worst drivers in Ontario, or the best

Timmins isn’t on a list of top ten worst cities in Ontario in terms of drivers.  Then again, it’s not on the top ten best list, either.

The lists have been published by an online insurance company.

Timmins Police communications coordinator Marc Depatie says it takes into account what police call “the big four”: aggressive, distracted and impaired driving, and not using a seat belt.

He says traffic officers take swift corrective measures when they spot violations.

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“Traffic safety remains a high priority for the Timmins Police Service for obvious reasons,” he points out.  “So we’re hopeful that the public understands that we’re going to do everything we can to make the highways and the roadways in Timmins as safe as possible.”

Click here for the best and worst lists.

Failure to wear a seat belt is a puzzling one for the big four.  It’s been mandatory in Ontario for 43 years.

“Modern vehicles have crumple zones and airbag deployment and all sorts of safety features built in,” says Depatie, “but all those other features are predicated on the use of the seat belt.  If you’re not using your seat belt, all those other features are not nearly as effective in a collision.”

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