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Val Gagné residents upset with grave tampering

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There’s a disturbing story out of Val Gagné, where someone has been tampering with graves in the local cemetery.

Aurore Giguère-Tole says several items were removed from graves and left in a pile to one side of the cemetery.  That includes items she had put on the grave of her son, who she lost four years ago, at the age of 17.

“Some of the lanterns I had left at his grave site and at my Dad’s grave site were bunched together with a bunch of other stuff,” she relates.

Giguère-Tole called the OPP and spoke to an officer.

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“He told us we could go ahead and take our belongings back and put them back where they go, but they were going to make a report on this.”

She says the officer was sympathetic, but didn’t indicate whether anything illegal was going on.

Giguère-Tole says she and others are wondering if there’s a connection to this act … and something that happened in recent days.

“There was flowers and stuff left on the steps of the (Immaculée Conception) church.  And now we’re just wondering if that belongs to the cemetery,” she says.  “We’re not sure.  Nobody knows where it comes from.”

She says no one knows who did any of this, or if they even realize that it’s disrespectful and sacrilegious.

Val Gagné is just off Highway 11, between Matheson and Iroquois Falls.

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