Even if you’re a zombie, you’re welcome to try out for a part in a one-act comedy planned by Take Two Theatre.

Lynn Deiulis is directing “Hamlet and Zombies”.  She says she needs at least twenty actors for it.

“The interesting thing about the characters is there are lines and then there are grunt lines,” she says, so no acting experience is required.

Deiulis  says there’s some character development involved, but more important is comedic timing.

“When do you grunt? When do you grab the brains? When do you just look at the audience? So it’s more miming, that kind of thing when you’re a zombie.”

Live and formerly live people are welcome to audition this coming Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:00pm in Studio B, around the back of the old TV station at the top of Pine Street North.

Auditions will be held at the same time for “Darkness in the Night”,  which has a smaller cast.  Both plays will be on stage at TH&VS the week before Halloween.