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Fedeli has strong words for Wynne

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli says Premier Kathleen Wynne can’t escape the bribery scandal in Sudbury.

Last week Ontario’s chief electoral officer found that high ranking Liberals offered a bribe to clear the way in the Sudbury by-election.

Fedeli says the findings are black and white and adds this is one bullet Wynne can’t dodge.



Vic Fedeli wants those involved charged and is hoping for one more thing.

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Fedeli says the Premier will soon have no choice but to let two high-ranking Liberals go.

The two are Sudbury heavyweight Gerry Lougheeds Junior and Pat Sorbara  (SORE-bear-ah), the premier’s deputy chief of staff.

Last week Kathleen Wynne refused to suspend Sorbara after Ontario’s chief electoral officer named her and Lougheed in a Sudbury bribe attempt.

Fedeli says the Opposition won’t let up on this and believes Wynne will cut both lose.

Fedeli also weighed in on Lougheed’s position as chair of the Sudbury Police Services Board.

Fedeli has also learned that since being released last week, the electoral officer’s report is now in the hands of federal prosecutors.

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