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Fedeli blaming Liberals for plummeting business confidence

The Tory MPP for Nipissing says we can thank the Wynne Liberals for  why business confidence in Ontario is down.

Business confidence is at 29 percent compared to 49 percent two years ago according to the Ontario chamber of commerce.

Fedeli says the reason is the Liberals keep pushing job killing policies and the next one is just around the corner and it’s a carbon tax.

Fedeli says this tax grab will make doing business in Ontario more expensive compared to the U-S and this will have dire consequences.

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Fedeli says businesses around the province keep telling him what the Liberals need to change but he adds they don’t listen.

Fedeli says we can blame the Wynne Liberals for the massive drop because they keep advancing job killing policies.

Fedeli says as the former energy critic and now finance critic, many businesses have told him want needs changing but he adds the Liberals just don’t listen.

He also says the reason is the Wynne Liberals don’t instill confidence with their job killing policies.


Fedeli says Ontario businesses keep closing shop and are relocating south of the border because it’s too expensive to stay in Ontario.

He stresses it will only get worse if the Liberals introduce their carbon tax because that will again increase the cost of doing business in Ontario.


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