Spring is here, and motorcycle fever has taken hold.

So Timmins Police communications coordinator Marc Depatie has issued some reminders for motorcyclists and other drivers.

For all motorists:
1) Drive defensively: allowing for motorcycle traffic to maneuver is appreciated
2) Give your blind spots a little more attention before changing lanes
3) Don’t crowd the motorcycle in front of you especially at or nearing an intersection.
4) Be on the lookout for motorcycles and provide them with adequate space in traffic
5) Avoid distraction while driving: motorcyclists are counting on you to be alert at the wheel
6) Look twice before completing a turn at an intersection: motorcycles are often overlooked
For motorcyclists:
1) Always perform a pre-ride bike inspection, lights, signals, and tires merit your careful
2) Be wary of intersections: sand left over from the winter season can pose traction issues.
3) Watch for road hazards: potholes and frost heave damage pose challenges to the rider
4) Wear reflective gear: the idea is to be as conspicuous in traffic as possible
5) Where possible, travel in groups so that your road presence and visibility is enhanced
6) Ride well within your skill level: know your level of experience and respect it

Source: Marc Depatie, Corporate Communications Coordinator, Timmins Police Service