Drivers are on notice from Timmins Police:  They’re out to stop you from speeding through South Porcupine on the highway.

In particular, they’ve had complaints about eastbound vehicles.  Communications coordinator Marc Depatie acknowledges that it might be difficult to know what the speed limit is.

“There is one sign that (a) complainant has brought to our attention that is somehow missing or maybe is being refurbished or has been damaged,” Depatie says, “but nonetheless, the onus lies on the individual driver to be familiar with what the speed limit is and to comply with that speed limit.”

He goes on to mention designated community safe zones, which are usually in areas where pedestrian traffic from school is a factor.

“There’s one in Porcupine where the crossing for St. Jude’s is a fairly active section of roadway, and there are other areas as well within the city of Timmins which are clearly delineated as such.”

Speeding penalties in those zones are stricter than outside of them.