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Fedeli drops out of PC leadership race

North Bay MPP Vic Fedeli is pulling out of the PC leadership race. He has sent out a statement putting his support behind Christine Elliot.

Read the full statement here:

When I decided to run for Leader of the PC Party of Ontario, I believed that we needed to make Ontario First. We are falling behind as a province in education, healthcare, debt, and tackling our mounting deficit.

Our energy policies are costing jobs and forcing people to decide between heating their homes or buying food. And the problems are getting worse every day. Now the Liberals are talking about a carbon tax and a pension tax.

I wanted to make Ontario First. I still want to make Ontario First.

As you know I’m a numbers guy and a pragmatist. There are two numbers you have to look at in any leadership campaign – memberships and money.  I’ve added up the numbers and simply put, I don’t see them being there for me to win this leadership race.

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I’ve also seen Ontario’s numbers, and I know we must defeat the Liberals in 2018.

The question then becomes, if not me, who?

I believe Christine Elliott can go toe to toe with Kathleen Wynne and defeat her and the Liberals in 2018.

That is why today, I am withdrawing from this leadership contest and I am joining Christine and her team. I am committed to working with Christine to ensure that she is the next Premier of Ontario.

To the staff and volunteers who devoted their time and energy to my campaign and especially the great people of Nipissing – I am humbled by your unwavering support.

To those across Ontario who said they would support me in this race and to all those that generously donated to my campaign, let me say THANK YOU.

Over that time I met many wonderful people. Their message was very clear. We need change at Queen’s Park. We need a team who can lead us out of the financial trouble the Liberals have put us in.

Christine Elliott should lead this team.

I am committed to running in 2018 and I will do everything I can to help Christine Elliott to become the next leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, to rebuild our Party, and to win a majority government in the next General Election in 2018.

To all my supporters, thank you. I ask you now to please join me in supporting Christine Elliott for Leader of our Party.

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