St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, so most of the partying is expected to take place Saturday night.

The Timmins Police Service is trying to head off any related drinking and driving, according to communications coordinator Marc Depatie.

“We don’t discourage (celebrating with Guinness or green beer)  in any way, but it’s where car keys come into the equation that we get a little excited.” -Marc Depatie, Timmins Police Service

“It’s that time of year where we’ll be having a Guinness or a green beer or what have you, and that’s all well and good,” he comments. “ We’ve got a responsibility to make the roadways and the community as safe as possible.  Why would we want to mar a perfectly good celebration with something that can be easily avoided with a little planning?”

Officers have marching orders to be especially vigilant towards drivers on city streets all weekend long.  The planning Depatie refers to is making sure you’ll have a safe ride home.