If this was Broadway and not Timmins, we could say that spring is in previews this week, before a full opening later on.

City of Timmins public works manager Ken Krcel says there is still lots of snow on the streets, and with rain and temperatures as high as nine degrees expected the next couple days, that snow will become water.

“We’re expecting some ponding on the roads,” Krcel predicts. “We’re expecting some urban areas to actually have the roads get soft and slushy because of the snowpack buildup.  So we are expecting probably messy conditions for the next few days before it gets colder again on the weekend.”

Ken Krcel, Manager of Public Works, City of Timmins
Photo credit: Ken Krcel/LinkedIn

Krcel is hoping the warmer weather stays long enough for it to melt the snow completely off the roads, so that the slush doesn’t freeze and cause ruts.

“We’re going to be busy over the next couple days probably chasing puddles and trying to clean snow from catch basins, so the water can get off the roads,” he says. “ Hopefully we don’t get as much rain as they’re calling for, but if we do, it could be messy out there.”

Krcel says you can help by making sure the storm basins in your neighbourhood are free of ice and snow.  That will also give water in your yard a place to go.