The strong, gusty wind isn’t expected to die down until tonight so Timmins Police are advising against going out on the roads, unless absolutely necessary.

If you are driving, communications coordinator Marc Depatie reminds you that pedestrians will be even more bundled up than usual.

“Pedestrians will not have true lines of sight,” he observes, “ so motorists should be mindful of that as they approach intersections in the city of Timmins.”

Snowbanks are also high at a lot of intersections so approach them slowly, to avoid any surprises.

As always in situations like this, Depatie reminds you to drive slowly and keep a larger distance between your vehicle and the one in front of it.

And once you get your own driveway dug out, spread some concern around the neighbourhood.

“We would also ask that local citizens check in on their elderly neighbours from time to time,” says Depatie. “If they can find the time to do that, this would be a gesture that I’m sure would be appreciated by your neighbours.”