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The Attawapiskat Hospital doors are still closed

Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson is looking into issues surrounding the Attawapiskat Hospital. The hospital was evacuated in December because of a diesel gas line spill, but Bisson says progress is being made.

He says things are getting to be under control, and you can no longer smell the diesel in the hospital. However, testing needs to happen to make sure it is safe. Results from those tests could come as early as this week.

Bisson says one those test results come back, the next steps can be taken to see if the hospital can be reopened. Patients who would normally be in the hospital have been moved to other communities for care.

Bisson says patients are still displaced, going to other communities for hospitalization. He says they want to be back at home with their families in the community they are a part of.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, and people are not happy. Bisson says it isn’t clear why the pipe lines failed, but it is under investigation.

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The JR Nakogee Elementary School was demolished in 2009 because of a diesel spill, there was a spill at a daycare, and now the hospital.

Bisson says there is a lot of animosity in regards to how the whole system has been set up, and how it has impacted the community.

Photo: Gilles Bisson

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