We hear so often that there is strength in numbers.  That’s the philosophy behind “Teeny Tiny Summits” dealing with economic development. There’s one coming to Matheson on April 8th.

John Regan (REE’ghin) is CAO and economic development director for Black River-Matheson Township.  He says the summits were started by the provincial rural affairs ministry.  The aim is to pool ideas and projects among small municipalities that don’t have huge economic development budgets.

 “And looking for opportunities to bring communities and like-minded people together to help build better quality of life, better quality of place, and looking for ideas on how do we inspire economic development.”

Begun in 2015, this is the first Teeny Tiny Summit to come to the north.

John Regan, CAO & Economic Development Manager, Black River-Matheson Twp. Photo credit: Black River-Matheson Twp.

Regan is new to the north himself.  He is impressed with the number of innovative people who wear a wide range of hats.

“This type of event just brings that calibre of people together,” he comments,” and when we get all that horsepower in the same room, I think it’s going to be incredibly positive and we’re actually going to walk away with some tangible actions that we can implement.”

The summit is open to the public.  The main speaker is an Australian with a worldwide reputation for community development and building relationships.