Police call it “a portable snow storm” – that car driving down the road without first having been cleared of the snow off its roof and all sides.

The traffic section of Timmins Police held a one-day blitz targeting that behaviour this week.  Communications co-ordinator Marc Depatie says it resulted in eleven tickets.

“The logic here is clear, we would think,“ he comments, “but still there’s a persistent segment of the driving population that insists on putting their vehicle in gear prior to clearing their lines of sight.”

Not only does it help you see better,  it also prevents blinding the driver of the vehicle behind yours, as the snow blows off your car.

Obstructed licence plate. Photo credit: Traffic Section, Timmins Police Service

Depatie says the officers also enforced the provision that your licence plates have to be visible, too.

“It’s not the crime of the century by any means, but it is a provision under the Highway Traffic Act that has to be respected.”