Talk in coffee shops and post offices right across Timmins today has been dominated by the storm that could dump more than a foot of new snow on us overnight… while we’re still cleaning up from the storm overnight Monday.

“Mother Nature’s not letting us off the hook right away, so we’ve got to gear up and get ready,” says Timmins Police communications co-ordinator Marc Depatie.

Because of the storm, visibility on the roads will be affected, as will a vehicle’s ability to stay on the road.

“This will not be a light dusting, so obviously we’re recommending that people who can alter their plans do so, so that they’re off the roads as much as possible.”

More advice from Depatie is to be prepared in case we lose electricity.

“It’s not unheard of that given the weight that will be on the system that is in place, perhaps there might be a power outage or two,” he remarks, “so people who are going to engage in the use of a generator do so with the generator running outside.  I know this sounds obvious, but still, and away from windows that might serve as a source of the exhaust entering the home.”

Another suggestion from police HQ:  Check on your neighbours after the storm, especially the elderly, to make sure they made it through okay and don’t need help.