You could consider it getting skunked.  But the officers who conducted roadside RIDE checks across Timmins on a very cold Tuesday night see it as proof their enforcement initiatives are working.

“Two-hundred-and-forty vehicles were stopped,” explains communications co-ordinator Marc Depatie.” Two separate drivers were subjected to a roadside breath test and neither of those tests resulted in further action required.”

Three drivers were ticketed for provincial offences.  That would be something like not wearing a seatbelt.

It got as cold as minus-35 with a minus-39 wind chill during the operation, between 6:00pm and 11:00pm. .

“It has to be part of the motoring landscape that you can expect at any time to be stopped to ensure your sobriety,” Depatie comments. “ It’s part of our traffic safety campaign here at the Timmins Police Service.  We undertake it regardless of the weather.  We’d hoped for better weather, but nonetheless, public safety comes first.”