Before you get buried under this year’s tax return for your business, there’s a 90-minute “Ask the Expert” workshop you might want to attend at the Timmins Chamber of Commerce.

Joel Ahrens is a senior manager at the accounting firm MNP.  On February 14th, he’ll be leading the workshop “Tax 101: Write-offs”.

“We’re going to go over some of the common ways to help with your tax return,” according to Ahrens,” so the deadlines, requirements for small, sole proprietors and normal people, some tips on helping you to keep track of your bookkeeping for businesses and what common expenses you might be missing in a tax return.”

Ahrens adds that he’ll briefly cover HST rules and deadlines.

He adds that different business have different allowable tax deductions.

“But there’s just common ones.  Vehicle expenses: if you’re driving around, you can use kilometres.  A lot of people just use gas – things like that we can talk about, maybe help out.”

You can register for the workshop by clicking here.

Joel Ahrens, MNP LLP. Photo credit: MNP LLP