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Revamped Canadian Food Guide to be released this morning; Seat belt task force coming together

Health Canada to unveil updated Food Guide

Big changes are expected in Canada’s newly updated Food Guide.
Health Canada is releasing the revamped document this morning, with reports suggesting the big focus will be on more plant-based proteins. The document is also expected to merge meat and dairy into one food group named ‘protein’.

Transport Canada gathers national task force to review bus seat belts

Ottawa is preparing a task force to look into adding seatbelts to school buses.
The federal transportation minister announced the committee would be made up of politicians, school boards and bus companies from across Canada. If Transport Canada mandates seatbelts, the responsibility would fall on provincial officials to make sure all buses are retrofitted.

Massive ODSP information leak was accidental: Social Services Minister

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Ontario’s Social Services Ministry is scrambling to fix an accidental data breach.
Minister Lisa MacLeod reported an ODSP office in Mississauga sent out an email to 100 people in December with information on 45,000 clients attached. The information included ODSP numbers and email addresses, but no other personal or financial details. 75 of the recipients have been reached and agreed to delete the information.

China demands US drop extradition plans for arrested Huawei CFO

US officials are reportedly preparing to bring Huawei’s CFO across the border.
The Chinese exec was arrested in Canada at the request of the US as she was suspected of violating trade sanctions put on Iran. China is demanding the US drop its extradition plans so she can be released from Canada. Two former Canadian diplomats were detained in China following her arrest last year.

Opt-out deadline is today for Ontario municipalities

Today is the deadline for Ontario municipalities to opt-out of local pot shops.
But, opting-in doesn’t guarantee the opening of a brick-and-mortar marijuana store. Ontario has limited the first wave of stores to 25 and is only allowing them to open in high population communities. The 25 sellers licenses are now spoken for, but locations for the first stores have not been announced yet.

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