Timmins Police would rather educate than prosecute, but if snowmobilers keep ignoring traffic lights when they cross roads,  they will lay charges.

Communications co-ordinator Marc Depatie says the TPS has received several complaints.  The most frequent one is about the intersection of Airport Road and Lafleur Drive.

Photo credit: Google Maps

“The traffic lights are to be adhered to by operators of snowmobiles, no question,” Depatie states. “ They have the obligation to conform to the Highway Traffic Act as they enter into that intersection, as they become part of traffic.

“This is a very busy intersection and it’s controlled by traffic lights for a reason.  So we need the snowmobilers to adhere to what is required of them for their own safety.”

Depatie says there have been no snowmobile-versus-car collisions yet this winter, but several close calls.