You’ve heard how history – be it your own personal story or something larger – is lost if it’s not recorded somewhere.  That’s the impetus behind a four-part memoir writing workshop at the public library in South Porcupine.

It’s set for four Saturdays: Jan. 12, Feb. 2, Feb. 16 and March 2.  Library branch head Louise Gaudette says it will be led by Amy Kelsey, who has a background in genealogy.  Each wek, a theme will be presented, and participants will write personal stories based on it.

“Depending on the themes,” remarks Gaudette, “ it’ll all depend on what those themes bring to mind when those questions or those little exercises that we’ll be performing will inspire you to write about something specific that’s happened in your life.”

She adds that a personal memoir keeps your family stories alive. ”First and foremost, for yourself, so that you put that story down on paper.  Create that story, not just the memory, because in your memory, no one else can share it.”

There is no fee to participate, but the number of seats is limited.  You can register at the library in South End.