Stars and Thunder 2019 isn’t teetering on whether Timmins council puts up $300,000  in sponsorship money, rather on whether the music and fireworks festival can be held at Hollinger Park.

The park is undergoing major remedial soil work. There are questions whether it will be complete in time for the beginning of July, or the beginning of August.

When former mayor Steve Black made a delegation to council last night with the proposal for the festival, it was decided that a staff report at the next meeting will confirm the park’s status.

Black was happy with waiting for the report. “And then if that is yes, that is going to be ready in time for that,” he said, along with a request, “then a vote before February 12th on whether or not council’s willing to supply the ask in the presentation.”

That February 12th date will allow headline acts to be booked and other sponsors to be secured, among other arrangements.

If the park isn’t ready, Stars and Thunder could take a year off… and return in 2020.

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Black also addressed suggestions that festival organizers raise funds from other sources.

He said that is in the works, and that much more than $300,000 from the city is needed.  But it is an important piece of the puzzle.

“We’re confident that if Council is supportive of the ask and comes on board as the sponsor, that those other sponsors will be on board as well,” he stated.