That snow storm that we experienced late last week was the subject of a “snowfall warning” for our region.  But have you ever wondered the difference between an Environment Canada weather watch and a weather warning?

We asked Environment Canada meteorologist Marie-Eve Giguere.

 “We send a heads-up when we send a watch, and it’s usually sent one or two days ahead of time, when we see storms boiling somewhere,” she says. “ We know it’s headed to the region but could shift slightly south, slightly north, changing a lot the forecast. So that’s when we say we’re watching.”

A weather warning is issued within 24 hours, alerting us to something with greater potential.

“We’re confident it’s either happening or it’s on your way, it won’t miss you,” Giguere remarks.  That’s the forecast, that’s the plan, so prepare for what we’re warning you for.”