Cross-country skiers from across Canada will glide into Timmins the second weekend of February… for the Canadian Masters Championships.

Porcupine Ski Runners board member Mike Kornell tells Moose FM News that the competition for skiers over 30 years old has never been in Northern Ontario.

“North Bay had the Ontario championships,” he notes, “ but this is the Canadian championships, so certainly it should be a great event with our facilities and our trails and our overall hospitality.”

While age eligibility starts at 30, Kornell says the sky’s been the limit in past competitions.

“Some of the older ones could have been into their possibly mid- or late 70s as well, so it’s a very wide bracket and then the actual ski categories are in increments of five years, from 30 on up.  And it’s for men and women, classic skiing and skate skiing.”

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