Trail conditions at the Iroquois Falls Cross-Country Ski Club are being described by its president as decent, and getting better with any new snowfall.

Jeff Frey (Fry) says the club gets about 100 members a year… and they represent a wide range of ages.

“One of our coaches is pushing 80 years of age,” he says.  “We get quite a few older people out as well as the young ones.

Right now, though, the club needs volunteers to operate its chalet over the holidays.

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“So if there are people willing to volunteer, “ Frey says, “we’re always looking for volunteers and they can do that by signing in to the facebook page and putting their name on there.”

Among the many features of the club is the doggy run.  Frey says you can bring your pooch, let it off the leash to go for a good run in the snow.

The Iroquois Falls Cross-Country Ski Club is on Cemetery Rd., off Highway 11 at Porquis.  Just turn left instead of turning right onto Highway 67 towards Iroquois Falls.

Photo credit: Google Maps