PM says country has strong economic standing

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is talking about the economy, and pipelines, as the year draws to a close.

He suggests Canadians worried about his government’s deficits can look at the country’s strong standing with international credit-rating agencies. Trudeau also says he’s open to amending a bill to give the private sector the certainty it wants in order to invest in new projects.

Bumped flyers in Canada could end up being paid for their trouble

People who fly in Canada will soon get money if they are bumped from overbooked flights or forced to sit through long delays.

They could get up to $24-hundred dollars in compensation under a proposed passenger bill of rights. Transport Minister Marc Garneau says airlines will also have to give passengers clear reasons for delays.

Number of asylum-seekers coming to Canada appears to be on the decline

It looks like Canada’s asylum-seeker dilemma might be easing.

The number of irregular asylum seekers who crossed into Canada dropped in November to the lowest levels in over a year. New data shows 1,019 irregular migrants were apprehended last month.

CIBC drops Whistler plans over request for climate compensation

The mayor of Whistler, B.C. says the ski resort town joined an environmental group’s letter-writing campaign to draw attention to the urgent issue of climate change, not to make anyone feel unwelcome.

However, the campaign has prompted CIBC to cancel the oil and gas part of its annual investment conference to be held in Whistler next month. The letter to Calgary-based Canadian Natural Resources demanded oil companies compensate the town for its costs related to climate change.