Nominations are open for the biggest annual award show in Timmins: the Nova Awards, put on by the Chamber of Commerce.

Nominations close February 1st, and the big gala is set for May 9th at the McIntyre Arena.

President Nancy Mageau says the theme of the show this year is “Nova-opoly”, based on the classic Monopoly board game.

“And it’s kind of based around we want to find it in Timmins and get people to shop local, so it’s kind of based around that.”

One big difference: No free parking or go-to-jail cards.“Collect awards as you pass Go”, Mageau says, laughing.

Nancy Mageau, President, Timmins Chamber of Commerce. Photo credit: Timmins Chamber of Commerce

Award categories cover all ages, in terms of how long businesses have been around, and how old people involved in them and the community are.

 “Right from young professional to non-profit to marketing innovation, service excellence.  So there’s quite a few different categories,” comments Mageau, “and of course we’ve got the lifetime business achievement award.”

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