Scott McKinnon’s family and friends are looking for some help, to ensure that the fifth annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display in his memory goes ahead in Iroquois Falls.

McKinnon died after ingesting the opioid fentanyl for the first time on Boxing Day, 2014.

New Year’s Eve that year would have been the young diamond driller’s 27th birthday.

He had travelled to several countries working, and his dad Tim McKinnon says he “had the world by the sweet spot.”

Born and raised in Iroquois Falls, he was living in Timmins at the time of his death.  Tim McKinnon says people from Timmins often go to the fireworks at the main ball park in the Falls

He says Scott was a big fireworks fan.

“He was, and that’s just reaching up into the heavens, too.  It’s basically a lot of birthday candles we’re sending up for him.”

McKinnon says right off the top, he needs money for permits and insurance.

 “We’re looking at about $700 before we can buy any fireworks, he says. “So last year, we had around $2,000.  We’d like to exceed that.  Every year we like to make the show bigger and better, so that’s our goal.”

The deadline is December 21st.  More at