A traffic flare has been launch, trying to get the attention of the city and province, urging them to quickly invest in transportation infrastructure improvements in Northern Ontario.

A new report from the Timmins and Ontario Chambers of Commerce says those facilities won’t be able to handle future traffic.

Timmins Chamber first vice-president Val Venneri says northern infrastructure is crumbling.

 “And if we’re going to move into the next phase of automotive or just any kind of transportation,” he comments, “ then that has to be addressed, whether it’s rail or bus routes or autonomous vehicles, that kind of stuff we need the big infrastructure to be able to support that.”

Val Venneri, First Vice-President, Timmins Chamber of Commerce. Photo credit: jamestoyota.ca

Venneri says that rail traffic includes passengers.

“Let’s make transportation easier.  If we’re going to develop the north, then we have to make transportation at least as easy as in the south, to give us not even a competitive advantage, but just to be able to compete with them.”