Moose FM and the Schumacher Lions Club are looking for your support this Thursday… during the Feeding Families Radiothon.

The Moose will be broadcasting live from Timmins Square from nine in the morning ‘til nine at night… raising money for the Stan Fowler Santa Claus Fund.  It provides grocery vouchers for needy families.

Ward Five city councillor Andrew Marks recalls as a child, he and his siblings pooling their change to make a donation.

“And ever since then, it’s been a charity that’s been close to my heart,” the councillor comments, “because of the need in the City of Timmins and the good work that this does for those people unfortunately that benefit from this.”

Last year, 375 families received grocery vouchers. Organizers are looking to raise more money and feed more families this year.

Andrew Marks: “We’re very fortunate in the City of Timmins to have groups like the Schumacher Lions Club that has sponsored this and demonstrated their commitment to helping those families in need at Christmas.”