One seriously injured after inmate fires gun in Ontario hospital

A federal inmate is being blamed in a hospital shooting in Ontario.
One person was seriously injured after the inmate reportedly took a correctional officer’s gun while at Kingston Hospital last night and opened fire. He was quickly disarmed. This comes after four people, including a suspect, were killed in a Chicago hospital shooting yesterday.

Name-brand prescriptions driving up costs for Canadians

The cost for prescription drugs is getting more expensive in Canada.
According to a Canadian Institute for Health report, each Canadian will spend nearly 7-thousand dollars on medication either through coverage or out of pocket this year. Experts say the drive in cost comes from the hefty price tag of name-brand drugs as generic brands aren’t as widely available.

Federal Tory Leader says no to handgun ban, focuses on illegal weapons

Andrew Scheer says he’s not in support of an outright handgun ban in Canada.
The Conservative Leader says he’d rather give police the tools to focus on criminals who use illegal weapons. Scheer says a gun ban penalizes people who are law-abiding citizens. He’ll be laying out more of his federal plans during a meeting in BC today.

Health Canada reviewing tobacco control program as smoker rates spike

As the number of smokers in Canada increases, Health Canada is trying to find out why.
CBC reports the government branch is reviewing its Federal Tobacco Control Strategy, which ran for 16 years and cost millions of dollars. This comes as the number of smokers spiked in the last few years by 13 per cent.