A recount for one of the Ward Five Councillor seats is taking place tomorrow.

Candidate Cory Robin called for a recount after Election Nigh results showed he missed a seat at the round table by two-votes to Incumbent Andrew Marks. The night ended with Marks having 2,637 votes and Robin was right behind with 2,635.

City Clerk Steph Palmateer says staff will be re-verifying the online votes and re-tabulating the paper ballots.  “We are planning on using two tabulators to help speed up the process. The candidates and or their scrutineers are allowed to be there and inspect the ballots before we put them through or object to any spoiled ballots.”

The recount will start at 10:00am in council chambers. The MyTimminsNow.Com Newsroom will broadcast the results as soon as it comes in.