This fire is devastating according to the Good Samaritan Inn.

Wednesday morning, the building caught fire and took firefighters 10 hours to put it out.

Executive Director Ed Ligocki says he has been apart of running the homeless shelter for the past 16 years, spending 60 to 70 hours a week working there. Logocki says he woke up this morning feeling like it wasn’t real and it was just a bad dream. He adds that it’s hard to just a shell of a building standing there.

Ligocki says the organization lost everything in the fire, placing it’s current 14 residents back on the street. He says the Red Cross has put them up at the Senator Hotel for three days, but now they have to look at other options. “We have a shelter in South Porcupine that was going to open up as a women’s and children’s shelter, we’re going to have to convert it now into a men’s shelter and we are just starting to go through the process now. So probably for the next couple of weeks, we have to find a home for the 14.” He says he is looking into a few options as we speak.

The Good Samaritan Inn says the community has been very generous so far. Ligocki says since everything was lost, the organization is looking to replace a lot including food, office supplies and bedding. He says he is accepting item donations. “Money would be the easiest because we have retail suppliers that can give us beds, bedding and supplies that we need for a discount.” He adds that the Inn is normally 90 per cent funded from community and company donations.

Ligocki says if you would like to donate, you can call the Good Samaritan Inn at 705-235-4663. He says he would also like to thank the community for the amount of support it has shown during this sad time.