Upgrades to the Hollinger Park splash pad will start in the near future.

Timmins City Council says the project to update the summer family spot will be broken down into two parts, with the first allotment starting this fall. CAO Dave Landers says this is because the full project will cost $125,000 more than is allotted in the 2018 budget. Landers says splitting the project into two parts allows council to spread some of the costs to next year’s budget.

Landers adds that not all of the work could be completed this at this time of year. He says for the upgrading work this fall, “in dealing with some of the connections underground, we should be able to manage that without any difficulty.”

Landers says crews will also be making the area saver by removing the brick and replacing it with rubberized pads. “When children fall, as they’re going to do at any playground area, the scrapes, bruises and injuries will be certainly lessened and it will be a better place to bring your kids and play safely.” He says this work will have to wait until the spring because “at this time of the year, getting the adhesive to stick effectively, there is a risk that it just won’t go as well.”

As of now, the first round of upgrades has been approved by council with a bid of $217,200 awarded to Interpaving Ltd. Council says the rubberized surface will be tendered next year.