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Driving Instructors Weigh in on Stunt Driving

You need to stop speeding according to driving instructors.

The Timmins Police Service charged a 46 and 23-year-old man for stunt driving along Highway 101 by Schumacher on Monday evening. Police say the two drivers seemed to be racing a car and pickup truck on the roadway. Both drivers are facing charges, have their licenses suspended for seven days and cars impounded for a week.

Owner and Instructor at the Timmins Young Drivers chapter Harold Fortin says it shocks him to hear about people driving that fast. Fortin says if you drive too fast you could lose control and hurt potentially hurt yourself or others on the road. “A moose could run out in front of you or a bear or a kid.” Fortin adds that “people who speed like that don’t anticipate what can happen in the end and the repercussions.”

He says if you are constantly speeding, you should give yourself more time to get to your destination so you aren’t feeling so rushed. Fortin says the biggest thing is to be prepared and aware, this way both you and the other drivers will get home safe. “We have people coming to see us because they have demerit points because they are speeding,” says Fortin. “We kinda know that if we can’t change their mentality about it they are still going to do it because they have this thought that they have to get from point A to B very quickly and nothing else matters.” Fortin says it’s not worth an accident.

TPS says if you are caught stunt driving you can face fines, lose your license or your car. Police say we have to all work together to keep everyone on the road safe.

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