A convicted Timmins sex-offender is admitting to assaulting a young girl nearly 30 years after the fact.

69-year-old Victor Decarie of Timmins has pleaded guilty to a charge of common assault for the touching without consent of a nine-year-old girl.

The incident being referred to took place almost 30 years ago in 1979.

Decaire had recently been charged for the incident and had pleaded not guilty to the initial charge of indecent assault against him.

The Ontario Supreme Court of Justice in Timmins also ruled that credibility issues with the case and a witness led to the trial being halted and a plea bargain being struck.

Decaire does however have a history of offenses; he was convicted of historic sexual assault from a 1994 incident with a young boy and received 18 months of jail time and three years’ probation.

The court has ruled Decaire is guilty of common assault and his one-year probation conditions are to not have any contact with the complainant.