Tory finance critic Vic Fedeli hammered the Liberals over their fall Economic Statement. Fedeli is critical that the Liberals want to find new ways to tax us instead of controlling their spending. And Fedeli isn’t alone in sounding the alarm bells.

Fedeli says the Ontario chamber claims the Liberals can’t grow their way out debt adding they have to change how they do business.

Quoting from an Ontario chamber of commerce report, Fedeli says Ontario will hit crisis mode that will have far-reaching effects.

Fedeli called on the Liberals to do as the Ontario chamber suggests which is cut spending so programs aren’t threatened.

Fedeli says the Liberals are always quick to blame someone else for their financial problems. He says their latest target is the federal government for short-changing Ontario when it comes to transfer payments. But Fedeli says not so as the Liberals’ own documents prove.

Fedeli was on the attack after the Liberals released their fall Economic Statement. He criticized the Liberals for saying they’ll use other tools to balance the budget which he says is code for new or higher taxes.