This year’s Feeding it Forward Campaign is starting off in a great way.

Goldcorp is donating $5,000 to the Farm to Fork Committee’s program to help people buy fresh food with market dollars. Market dollars are vouchers that can be used at the different vendors set up at the Urban Park farmers market as money. This donation is being given straight to the Timmins and South Porcupine Food Banks for vouchers.

Committee Chair Jennifer Vachon says this is an incredible donation that will help local families get fresh and healthy food.

Committee volunteer Rena Keenan Buhler says this donation doesn’t just help the food banks. She says this will actually help three sectors of Timmins. Keenan Buhler says the vouchers will help the people using the food bank buy food, which helps the local farmers sell product, which in turn helps the local economy grow. 

You can help out the Feeding it Forward Campaign. Chair Vachon says you can donate to the program at the Urban Park market, or at the Downtown BIA office during regular buisiness hours. She says you can also by a $15 bundle of vouchers. Vachon says you would keep $12 of the bundle for your own use at the market and the other $3 would be donated to the food banks.