Two Timmins residents are looking to spread some good vibes around the city.

Aaron Krofchick and Martine Godbout are posting positive messages on a billboard at the intersection of Algonquin and Theriault. Krofchick says the idea started when they were thinking of messages about his business to post on the billboard during Stars and Thunder week. He says that Godbout thought it would be better to put inspiring and welcoming messages for all the residents and visitors.

Godbout says there are so many great people in Timmins. She says you see that on social media sites with people posting about different fundraisers, helping people who are being bullied or had things stolen from them. She says she wanted to spread this positivity to everyone in Timmins.

Aaron Krofchick says the community has given lots of positive feedback about the messages. He says more positive messages will be posted throughout the year to keep everyone’s spirits up.

Martine Godbout and Aaron Krofchick. Photo Credit: Mackenzie Read – Moose FM