The debate on sitting versus standing at Stars and Thunder is being squashed before it starts.

The City of Timmins says certain chairs will be allowed on festival grounds again this year. Mayor Steve Black says last year there were multiple complaints about people both sitting and standing during the concerts. He says this issue was one of the biggest complaints last year. He says people were both concerned about the number of people taking up space with their chairs, as well as people standing in front of those who were sitting. He says that last year’s solution seemed to work well.

Black says everyone enjoys listening to live music in different ways, so the city is trying to make sure everyone has a good time.

He says there will likely be signs posted in the park that will indicate the sitting and standing sides of the stage.

Black says the rules around which chairs are allowed on the festival grounds has changed as well. He says you will be allowed to bring in a couple different types of camping chairs. Click here for more information on chair rules.

Starts and Thunder kicks off this Sunday to celebrate St. Jean Baptiste Day.