Employers are successfully working together to share employees according to the Employer Database creators.

The Timmins Chamber of Commerce, Northern College and Far Northeast Training Board launched a database back in February that allows businesses looking for part-time workers to share employees. Northern College’s Scott McDowell says this way all the workers are getting full time work and the employers are filling all their required hours. McDowell says so far the pilot project has been successful.

He says in 2016 the greatest number of projected hires included general labourers, receptionists and sales people. McDowell says these positions work really well within this pilot project because they have transferable skills.

McDowell says the program has recently made a seasonal match because both the summer and winter employers face hiring and challenges at the beginning of the seasons. He says these employers have teamed up to share the same seasonal employee.

He says he is hoping to release some more success stories soon. McDowell adds this is a unique program that helps everyone involved.