The new Timmins Riding has its first MPP.

NDP candidate Gilles Bisson took the popular vote.  Bisson has been MPP for 28 years.

Bisson says he doesn’t even think of it that way which is the bazaar part of it.

Bisson says he is tickled pink that he gets to go back.

He adds his priority list heading back into Queen’s Park includes the Noront Ferrochrome Facility and bettering healthcare.

He says Timmins is a perfect location for the Noront facility because its a natural fit. He says Timmins has the facility, hydro capacity and workforce. He says he has been talking with the company and the city to see what needs to be done to bring the Ferrochrome site to Timmins.

Bisson says in terms of healthcare, the Tories are saying they can cut four per cent in spending and not affect jobs. He says the Timmins and District Hospital is facing a $5-million deficit next year without any cuts, so adding another four per cent to that, will be a huge hit. He says he will be pushing the government to understand that healthcare is important and needs to be protected.

He says having the PC’s as a majority government will be quite different.

Bisson says only time will tell and he will have to watch what happens.