Northern Ontario mayors all agree that there are some things the province should focus on in the upcoming election.

Mayor Steve Black says five mayors from around the region gathered in Sault Ste. Marie to look at some of the issues facing the region. Black says a major topic of discussion revolved around immigration and getting more people into the north. He says Statistics Canada trends are showing that the province’s population is going up, mostly in the southern region. He adds that Southern Ontario is continuously having to add more infrastructure to accommodate all the people moving to the region. 

Black says the region’s mayors all agreed that the provincial candidates should focus on Ring of Fire infrastructure, reducing industrial energy costs and uploading EMS and Social Services to the province.

He says the province needs to make a plan and follow through with Ring of Fire infrastructure like roads. The mayor’s are also looking for candidates to promise to reduce the industrial energy costs to under six cents per kilowatt hour. Black says a lot of the bigger industries in the region like mining and forestry use more energy than others. He says with the rising costs, it’s hard to keep up. Black adds that uploading EMS and Social Services to the province will save the region money.

Black says that is money that the city could use on things like improving the roads or lowering residential taxes.  He says all the mayors would like to see some program promises by all the parties in the upcoming election.