Discussions around cultural awareness are continuing in Timmins.

The city says this is something that needs to be worked on since a report from the Ontario’s Chief Human Rights Commissioner was released in March saying that racism is normalized in Timmins (Click here for the full story).

The Timmins Learning Centre wants to expand this conversation by hosting a cultural awareness workshop. The centre says this workshop will cover a range of topics including spirituality, music, art, health promoting practices and cultural definitions.  Executive Director Michelle Goulet says this is to work on the lack of cultural knowledge and awareness within Timmins.

Goulet says this is something that she has struggled with while at work herself. She says if she was struggling, them other people could be as well.

The workshop will take place at the TLC office on April 19th from 11:30am to 1:00pm. The session will cost $5, but is free for TLC students. To register for the event, you can call Goulet at 705-268-8900.

Other thing the city has done to work on this issue is create a First Nation’s Advisory Committee. Click here for all the information on the committee.